Tech Prep

Tech Prep is an instructional partnership between South Puget Sound Community College and our Career & Technical Education program.

Tech Prep puts high school students on the pathway to a college education by allowing them to complete technical classes while in high school. Students taking Tech Prep approved classes at their home high schools earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. In order to receive college credit students must make a grade of “B” (3.0) or better in their high school Tech Prep classes, and once this is accomplished they receive a college transcript from South Puget Sound Community College.

Xổ số miền namTech Prep also helps students and parents save money. Students pay no tuition for Tech Prep classes and because students stay on their high school campus, they do not pay for college text books, parking or student fees. Interested students may contact their high school counselor, or Career & Technical Education, at (360) 596-6102.


Olympia School District Tech Prep Resources