Emergency Snow Routes (East)

The bus stops listed below are those that most often could be changed in the event of snow. If you do not see your student's bus stop listed above and are not directed otherwise, please have your student report to the regularly scheduled bus stop.


If your normal stop is:

Walk to:

Xổ số miền nam11th or 12th & Fairview/12th & Fir/McCormick & Union

Xổ số miền namFir & Union

Yew & Fairview

Yew & Fir

13th & Fir

10th & Fir

12th & McCormick

13th & McCormick

8th & Devoe/8th & Fenske


Central & Thurston

Xổ số miền namCentral & Bigelow

Garrison & Thurston

Pine & Bethel

Fir & Yew

Bigelow & Wilson

Xổ số miền namMarion & Yew/McCormick & Yew

Xổ số miền namBigelow & Fir

Xổ số miền namPattison Street NW/Applehills Court/10th & Fenske


12th Avenue & Sevedge Court/S. Bay Rd. & 10th Ave.


16th & Frederick Street

Xổ số miền nam18th & Frederick

Boston Harbor & 75th

Boston Harbor & 73rd

Byron Avenue NE

Boston Harbor & 73rd

53rd & Heights Lane

Boston Harbor & 73rd

73rd Avenue NE

Xổ số miền namBoston Harbor & 73rd

Fishtrap Road & Fishtrap Loop

81st & Libby Road

Libby Road (N of 81st)/Jenni Street NE/Island View Drive/Evergreen Drive

Xổ số miền namWalk to 81st

Lemon Road

Xổ số miền namLibby Road & 66th

Xổ số miền namWoodard Bay & Shincke / Woodard Bay / 66th

Xổ số miền namLibby Road & 66th

Shore Acres/76th Avenue NE/77th Avenue

Libby Road

42nd Avenue (Ward Lake)

Boulevard Road

Beacon, Brown & Frederick

Xổ số miền namBoulevard & Beacon

Xổ số miền namSmith Street SE/10th-15th

Xổ số miền namBoulevard & 15th

Xổ số miền namHenry & Thurston

Garrison & Bigelow

Wilson & Yew/Frederick Lane & 12th Avenue

Wilson & Bigelow

Phoenix & Prospect

Xổ số miền namPhoenix & Martin

Xổ số miền namProspect & Tullis/Glass & Tullis

Bigelow & Tullis

18th & Boundary Street SE

18th & Eastside Street SE

19th & Orange Street SE

20th & Eastside Street SE

Xổ số miền namFrontier Drive & Frontier Court/Upperhighline

Highline/Wilderness Dr.

Baker Ames Addresses

36th & Baker Ames